May – August 2021

Renew Earth Sweat Shop is a community and participatory art project reacting to the environmental impact and labour conditions linked to the global fashion industry. Renew Earth Sweat Shop is an attempt to ‘reverse’ sweatshops – to become what a sweatshop is not, to counter waste, to rethink labour and ultimately in the process to renew our earth.

The project creates micro-community spaces for people to gather to learn, sew and upcycle from fashion waste. The process brings conversations from a grassroots level to one that could address the fashion global waste problem. 

In the second edition of Renew Earth Sweat Shop, we invite the community to save 200kg of fashion waste from incineration by turning them into ‘something useful’ through innovation, upcycling and repair.

Over June and July, participants develop their projects by learning skills in sewing, embroidery and digital fabrication with our partners LionsForge, MakeIT and Fab Lab. The outcome and creations from the workshop will be showcased and will be available for sale at Temasek Shophouse space from 31 July to 28 August.

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