We are presenting a new artwork in Tokyo as part of UenoYes.

Entitled 上野ケアクラブ Ueno Care Club (UCC), our project seeks to create a place for people to meet, understand and care. It is a platform where we learn and practice caring for ourselves, the community in Ueno and the world. To kickstart UCC, we are organising an Intensive Care Camp (UCCICC) on the weekend of 22-24 February, where prospective members acquire knowledge and skills through talks, workshops and other activities led by people who have been working in these areas for some time.

Club membership is free and open to everyone who hold these 3 beliefs:

  1. I am a caring person
  2. We need a society that cares for one another
  3. We can make Ueno a caring place

The UCCICC is conducted in Japanese. If you are interested, do fill in this form.

We have also created a FB Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/uenocareclub/) where you can get the latest info!