March to May 2011
A series of programmes for the Singapore Biennale period.


OPEN *home offers a cozy and affordable crashpad for artists and other cultural workers who are coming to Singapore to visit the Singapore Biennale (and other cultural events) in March. We have a large air-conditioned room which can house up to 8 persons per night (bring your own sleeping bag!). Participation is based on a pay-it-forward system plus contribution of 1 artwork per night stayed.
OPEN *meal kicks off with OPEN *meal: Arts Community, held every Thu 7-9pm during March, in Food #03. A volunteer from the arts comm will sit in, listen to and give advice to anyone from the arts comm who wants to talk about any problems or ideas.
Open call for works and proposals from artists and cultural workers (both local and foreign) doing interesting and meaningful work which we will put together into several exhibitions/projects during the period of the Singapore Biennale.
A series of nights when friends share their favourite feature-length films.
A swop party where everything can be swopped! Bring your pre-loved books, cds, clothes, etc. or offer your services to be swopped. Every item of reasonable condition will be awarded a coupon and you can then select the number of 'new' items/services based on the number of coupons you have. There is no limit to the number of items you can swop and you are welcome to stay for the whole duration of the swop party. A fun eco-friendly way to get stuff and meet people, and the small entry fee of $5 goes to the Post-Museum Fund, so it's a win-win situation for everyone!
Open call for articles and criticisms related to the Singapore Biennale for our online publication.
Please contact us at admin@post-museum if you are interested to be a part of any of these.
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