We are located on Rowell Road in an interesting neighbourhood with many different layers of society. Here are some of our neighbours:


55 Rowell Rd
Eng Hoe Meng Trading


Run by the Luar family, this packaging wholesaler has been a resident of Rowell Rd for more than 30 years.

75 Rowell Rd - Chan Man Lee Trading > URL <
83 Rowell Rd - Museum of Shanghai Toys > URL < [Closed]
87A Rowell Rd - Chapter 6 > URL <

105 Rowell Rd - Viwawa KTV Pub


Run by Mr Rick How, this karaoke pub opened in October 2008.


Blk 642 #01-119
Rowell Minimart


Opened by Mr Shiyamalan in 2006, this convenience store has just moved from across the street to the void deck of the HDB block next to us.

Blk 642 #02-119 - Leow Liang Buddhist Book Distributor > URL <