Dorkbot Singapore
People doing strange things with electricity
Started in August 2009


This is the Singapore chapter of an international gathering of people interested in technology and other issues.
The first Dorkbot Singapore will be held on 29 August 2009 (Sat), 8-10pm, in Back Room, Post-Museum.
Presenters are:
* Luis Hernandez Galvan [] has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Architecture from the Escuela Superior de Arquitectura, Mexico City. With space as a main concern, his work ranges from quasi- architecture to installation and computer games. Artist in Residence at Center for Research in Computing and Arts at University of California at San Diego, Sala del Cielo at the Centro de la Imágen (Heaven’s Room at the Image Centre), Mexico City, and the Wallhouse in Gronigen, Holland. His work has been exhibited at Festival International de Linguagem Electronica [FILE], Sao Paulo; Microwave International Media Festival, Hong Kong; the New Museum NYC; Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid; CCCB, Barcelona; 8th Salon de Arte Digital de La Habana; TransitioMX07; Seoul Net Festival, amongst others. He has participated in conferences in Europe and the Americas and has been commissioned by and InSite. Has received production grants from Centro Multimedia and FONCA [Young creators programme], both in Mexico City. He is actually pursuing an MA in communications and New Media at NUS.
* Bianca Polak is a Dutch national and has made Singapore her home base for the past 9 years. She is having a professional career in Information Technology since1996 after graduating with a MSc in Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence from the Free University in Amsterdam. Since 1998 she has been working in various countries in Asia (Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan) as an IT consultant, Project Manager and Software Trainer. Her IT projects vary from the multimedia field and public display software to custom developed software for traffic related systems like tunnel management software and speed camera systems. In her free time she is a volunteer teacher at the Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist temple to teach adults with little educational background computer classes. Besides working in the IT, she is interested in art and different cultures and is an amateur photographer. She is also pursuing her Masters in Instructional Design and Technology at the NIE in Singapore to feed her interest in educational technology. As part of this she has been exploring various social media and how they could be used in education and for collaboration amongst teachers in sharing their experiences and reflections on their teaching.
* Anne-Marie Schleiner is engaged in gaming and net culture in a variety of roles as a writer, critic, curator, and gaming artist/designer. Her work investigates avatar gender construction, computer gaming culture, hacker art and experimental game design. She has curated online exhibits of game mods and add-ons including the exhibits "Cracking the Maze: Game Patches and Plug-ins as Hacker Art", "Mutation.fem", and "Snow Blossom House." She has designed the games Anime Noir and Heaven711. She runs a site focused on game hacks and open source digital art forms [] and has been actively involved in the anti-war game performance art initiatives Velvet-Strike and OUT. She has taught at universities and artist workshops and participated in art residencies in Germany, Belgium, Spain and Mexico and was an assistant professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder for four years. She has exhibited online and in the New Museum, the Whitney, Centro de la Imagen Museum, Mexico City, and international galleries, museums and festivals. Her work has been reviewed in numerous publications and by press such as N.P.R. and the New York Times. She currently teaches game design in the Communication and New Media Program at the National University of Singapore in South East Asia and is pursuing an international doctorate in Ludic Culture at the University of Amsterdam.
* Nathan Williams is a New York City-based architect, fine artist, writer and researcher. As an architect, Nathan has focused on diverse small-scale designs in the United States, Central America, and Europe. He is often a guest speaker and critic at U.S. universities. Williams’ architectural design, design research, as well as his paintings, collages, and installations often address issues of culture and theory. Williams’ current project is Hip Hop Architecture: Signifyin(g); Sample, Layer, Repeat. Williams analyzes Hip Hop music, lyricism, dance, and visual art with views towards creating a Hip Hop Architectural creative theory and creative process; seeking to “DJ” architecture, subculture, space, and place. Hip Hop Architecture is an exploration and documentation of cultural creative continuity of African Trans-Atlantic Diasporic creative theory, process, and practice. The research spans West and Central Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, and Western Europe. As a DJ, Williams formed Soul Urge Productions in 1992, hosting weekly “Soul Kitchen,” opening for Wu-Tang Clan, Yellowman, 32 Tribes, Bootsy Collins, and King Sunny Ade.
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