Organised by Post-Museum in partnership with Singapore Queer-Straight Alliance
6 - 16 August 2009 (An event of IndigNation09)



The only woman in my life who sacrifices selflessly for me! (Richard Chua and his mother, Mdm Lim), 2009

My family in Macau, 2009

Weekend BBQ with family and friends, 2008

A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost, 2009

Roy and mum, 1959

Spot the similarities!, 2009

My family, 2009

Enjiao, Xiao Xuan, Sharon, Shi Ying, Layla, 2009

Family on the beach, 2007

Ice skating, 2009

Forever one family, 2009

Berthylde is a dear friend and a beautiful soul (Bian Tan, Berthylde Costille, Mateo Costille), 2006

Cheryl and Min – 2 Leos, Hear Us Roar!, 2009

Ray the office boy and Darshnee the Blood Sucker, Halloween 2007

My speech and drama students, 2008

Ken & Gab – Don't Think, Feel It, 2009

X & I, 2009

Sharing an evening with close friends, 2006


Gary (gay-friendly) & Yangfa (very gay) taking a much deserved break in Bangkok, 2004

S and A (Dolphinsuit), 2008

Jiayan and Lynn – of 2 fundamentally different people, 2008

Me and my friends (From front to back: Linn, Muriel, Paul, Gwen, Leon, Myself) on our nature trip around Pulau Ubin, 2009

Heman Chong with Daniel K at the opening of Singapore Biennale 2008

Friends since primary school, 2008

My Classmates and Me, Chinese New Year 2009

Edith Sam and Ida, 2009

Alston & Diwas in Malaysia, 2008

The LUCKY7 shines with love, 2008

Fast Food Friendship!, 2009

The Diva & Master Su – Innocence of the Heart, Love for Others and Passion for Life, 2009

My friends and I with a love sign (Valerie, Jemina, Nenny, SL), 2009

Li Hwee Kwoon and I. She is my best-est friend and ex-wife, 2007

Jazz “queens” Vera and Hans – She loves and he loves.... (making funny faces), 2006

V and G with teeth!, 2009

Linda Tom and Alexander Wong, 2007

Acceptance without any rules – my truest, dearest friend, 2001

We are as different as 2 faces of a coin, but we are together forever, 2009
Wham and Najak see the beauty in working together, 2008

Cassie and Ned – this is us, we are a couple, 2009

I can see clearly now the pimple is gone, 2008

Gypsy and gentle Maya - help each other
weather daily storms, 2009


Yew Leong and Shu Ting at a Singapore Queer-Straight Alliance meet-up, 2009

Wanda and Evey in Bangkok, 2008
  • Reallly like the show - I find all the photos very endearing and show the human side of the people. Unpretentious! = Great!
  • Very refreshing.
  • I love the photography and the caption and the white wall and lighting. So pure.
  • Great intimate pics.
  • Yay to love!
  • All we need is love! So true!
  • Your exhibition is lovely and reminds me of the beauty of humanity.
  • I love the exhibition!
  • Curiosity didn't kill the cat. Apathy did.
  • Love embraces understanding, repect, trust; we need all these for a better world.
  • Very heartwarming and beautiful.
  • Thanks for sharing these photos with us. I spent some nice moments looking at them.
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